Monday, May 3, 2010

I Miss You..

Here I am missing my adoring sister...

I don’t love to see you cry,
but I miss you most,
when it pains..

above is true but following is not lie too
that I miss you the same,
when it gains..

when the days are usual,
I miss u again,
coz I don’t wanna get bored alone.

Oh! I miss you at night with sleepless eyes,
when need you to talk for long,
lying on the bed along.

I miss you,
when I make a dish,
& need a food lover to taste and praise fulsomely..

When we are on an outing together
I miss you again to be with us,
to make the moments more adorable..

I miss you,
to laugh loudly along with our silly chit-chat,
& the stupid things we do together..

I miss you,
to have a fight & then again start talking,
with little frowning faces changing into smiling..

Oh! When I don’t miss you,
I miss you,
every day, every hour & every moment,
the most…


sulbha said...

oye didi.. muje to kuch words hi ni mil rahe bolne ko..
i luv u.. i luv u n i luv u...
<3 <3 :) :)