Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nisha (Night) - 2

Nisha for morning
Nisha for enjoyment of light
Nisha so you enjoy diwali
Nisha so you have hopes
With countless stars
It’s dark still bright
Silent but saying a lot
Sad but happy and smiling
Guilty but innocent
Coming in every twelve hours
to fight with artificial light
and exists because it’s nature n true
So it’s what it could and should be actually
So it’s Nisha and only Nisha
Sometimes dark and sometimes bright
Proving the simile of nature and life
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p.s. - I wrote both of these 'Nisha' poems almost praising my name as i like it very much and don't like when many people says my parents didn't choose a good name for me as it means night that is black and has many negative meanings. I just wanted to tell those people with this thinking that everything in this world is good and has some beauty, the difference is just the way of thinking. How criticising makes you think and do something good. So please criticise these too and let me know how deep I am in water..