Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Religion Bar

   Today I came to read a news and couldn't stop myself from sharing it. The news is about peace talks with Maoists. But I am not talking about it. I am talking about what Swami Agnivesh has said while addressing the religious congress. The news says,

   'Agnivesh said the Union Government must ensure that information on religion or caste is not recorded in school or academic registers as religion divides people. 

"A child should have no religion upto the age of 18. The government must ensure that there should not be any claims for religion or caste in school register or academic register," he told a plenary session on 'Role of Religion in Promoting Human Rights' as part of the ongoing 33rd World Congress here.

"One should have the freedom to choose any religion after the age of 18," he said.

He advised students to "read all scriptures and know all religions".

"There is need to fight against injustice and social evils like gender inequality, female foeticide and bride burning," he said.'

    I found the suggestion of not having any religious record of children under the age of 18 very interesting and important. This will cause the government to find any other appropriate way to judge the real poor and rich people which makes it firm that the monetary help in the form of scholarships etc. goes in the right and deserving hands.

   What do you people think about it?